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Beijing Alliance PKU
Management Consultants Ltd.

Founded in 1996, Allpku is the first registered management consulting company in China. The group regards every four years as an entrepreneurial period and now has entered its sixth of such period. In the future, AllPKU will accelerate the pace of internationalization and work hand in hand with Chinese companies to become the world's leading consulting organization. With management consulting as the core, ALLPKU has vigorously expanded its business in commerce, capital, and talents to provide enterprises with comprehensive, full-life-cycle intellectual services. The group is headquartered in Beijing and has branches in more than 20 cities including Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Wuhan, Chongqing, Inner Huhhot, Hefei, Nanning, Shenyang, Jinan, Taiyuan and Urumqi. The group has nearly 1,000 full-time professional consultants, 78% of whom are MBAs. The Group was the first to establish a professional consulting center in the industry, and offer niche services. Currently, it has 18 business divisions, 138 industry centers and 15 functional research institutes. The Group launches nearly two projects every business day, accumulating a rich consulting experience. It has built research database of 138 industriies and 300 TOP enterprises, collection of thousands of consulting cases, and the industry's largest library of managerial tools. . The Group has provided management consulting services to thousands of companies, more than one-third of which are China’s top 500 or listed companies, as well as some of the world's top 500 companies. In 2016, AllPKU achieved more than 300 million yuan in consulting revenue. The Group has maintained the industry's number one in terms of personnel scale, number of projects, receivable turnover ratio, customer satisfaction and other dozens of indicators, and has won hundreds of honors. In the past five years, ALLPKU has been continuously ranked number one among local consulting companies by the China Enterprise Confederation. In 2016, the Group was ranked the first among Chinese local consulting companies by the international industry magazine IBISWorld. Based on vast case accumulation and strong professional capabilities, the Group has developed vast research projects and established in-depth cooperation with the government, industry associations, research institutions, universities, etc. Thus a strong team of experts are invested in the development of the company. Through dedicated group, dedicated service, and the three-level quality assurance system, the Group provides not only valuable solutions, but also management methods and knowledge to the clients, fueling sustainable development. As a flagship of China's knowledge service industry, ALLPKU has always regarded "promoting organizational revolution and growth" as its mission and "becoming China's most respected large-scale consulting organization" as its vision. Entering the sixth entrepreneurial period, ALLPKU will provide customers with more professional and diversified intellectual services.

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