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Why choose us?

Brand reputation: Born in Peking University, ALLPKU is the earliest local enterprise in China's management consulting industry with more than twenty years market recognition and a high market reputation. It ranks in the leading position in the industry in terms of brand, scale, technology and income and has been deemed the first place of local enterprises by various organizations.
Cultural accumulation: Adhering to the cultural genes of “freedom of thought and inclusiveness” of Peking University, with clear development strategy and great mission, the whole company exudes a strong academic atmosphere, respects individual freedom and implements democratic decision-making. Everyone treats each other equally, and colleagues are tolerant here.

Leading team: Our leadership team is made of colleagues who graduate from domestic famous universities, experts with more than 10 years’ experience in the industry, and elites who have rich market experience.
High-IQ Industry: You will engaged in high-intelligence service industry and flexible work. You will travel all over the world and serve hundreds of enterprises. You will contact top entrepreneurs in all industries and listen to the company's growth story so as to solve corporate dilemmas and help them develop. During the process, you will gain respect and glory.

Career: A multi-business system consisting of consulting, business, investment and consulting will provide employees with imaginative career development space. Multi-dimensional security system will be guaranteed by superior guidance, mentoring, project practice. All positions, including the project manager, the director of the dean, the general manager of the bank, and even the president, are waiting for you to compete.

Resource accumulation: We possess thousands of cases and customers in hundreds of industries, millions of fans. We are waiting for you to attend us to share decades of accumulated knowledge, experience, customers and reputation and jointly develop them.

  • Consultant

    Job Responsibilities:
    According to the needs of the project, collect the information required by the project, comprehensively analyze and propose independent consultation suggestions;
    Write a practical and actionable consulting program;
    Assist the project manager to report on the project phase results;
    Under the guidance of the project manager, provide guidance and consulting services for the implementation of the customer promotion consulting program.
    Maintain long-term implementation tracking services with customers to increase customer stickiness.

  • Project Manager

    Job Responsibilities:
    Responsible for the overall operation and management of the project implementation phase, leading the team to complete the project according to the project plan quality;
    Organize the project results, review the quality of the project results, and clearly report the project ideas and results to the client;
    Responsible for providing guidance and assistance to the client's implementation of the consulting program;
    Actively communicate with customers, maintain relationships, and ensure the smooth progress of the project;
    Responsible for the training and management of the project team, and promote the ability of team members.


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