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  • Mentoring

    ALLPKU pays attention to the training of its new employees, and hopes its new employees can become familiar with and integrate into ALLPKU as soon as possible. To this end, the company has established a "mentoring system", under which each staff is equipped with a "mentor" to guide them. ALLPKU has very strict requirements for the "mentor" candidates. There are less than 50 employees in the company who have qualifications as tutors . These mentors have worked for more than ten years in the company and they are generally very senior partners of the company. The company has clear requirements for the work

  • Organizational leadership

    Employees of ALLPKU will choose a direction of their favorite industry and enter the business department or industry center. Usually, the general manager of the business department and the general manager of the industry center conduct work guidance to help them be familiar with the basic situation of the company and master the basic skills. When the employees go to the project, the project manager will mentor new employees to quickly become familiar with the basic processes of project operations and quickly adapt to professional roles.

  • Comprehensive training

    ALLPKU has a very comprehensive training system, including: new employee induction training, project experience sharing, project manager training, industry center general manager training, chief XX official series training, 100 lecture series training, etc. In addition to some compulsory trainings, a large number of training courses are available for employees to choose freely. They are professionally complete, rich in content and diverse in form.

  • Multi-dimensional career channel selection

    ALLPKU has established a diversified career development channel for its employees, including but not limited to:
    Consulting Business Channel: Consultant - Senior Consultant - Project Manager - General Manager of Industry Center / Dean of Professional Research Institute / Director of Regional Center - General Manager of Business Unit - Vice President
    Investment Business Channel: Investment Assistant - Investment Manager - Investment Director - Deputy General Manager
    Business Learning Channel: Training Assistant - Training Manager - Associate Dean - Executive Dean
    Administrative Business Channel:

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